Listen in on an interview with Kay Ballard, host of Women Are Not Funny radio.  That’s about the biggest misnomer that Kay could choose for this fun radio show that she uses to entertain you.

Click to grab the recording & listen in to our conversation.


P.S.  Here’s her intro to the show…

Carolyn Herfurth knows how to have a meaningful conversation and has skillfully used that skill to advantage in more than two decades of incredibly lucrative sales success—both in corporate America and in business for herself. She launched The Biztruth to help solo entrepreneurs get comfortable having a sales conversation so they can make more money and have more fun! And to save herself the sadness of seeing entrepreneurs who are broke, frustrated & desperate.

After helping launch nearly 100 businesses, what’s a girl to do? In Carolyn’s case it was to honor her love of performing by boldly parachuting into the mercurial world of improv and standup comedy. And to leverage what she learned in improv training to encourage solo entrepreneurs and others to join her in embracing the certain unknown. Is Carolyn ready for an intentionally accidental conversation with Kay? Is being the featured guest on Women Are Not Funny Radio the next best thing being a standup comedian headlining a big Las Vegas show? Listen in to find out!

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