Let’s be real.  Praising subpar performance only perpetuates the nasty cycle of getting poor results in your business.

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We’ve all got ‘em.  But we don’t always see ‘em.  It takes an extreme amount of self awareness to pull ourselves off of autopilot and into awareness mode to see our blind spots as we move through life.

This video shares a few observations from my trip last week that highlight some of the smaller, everyday things that we do and are (mostly) unaware of.  Can you imagine the big stuff that we’re missing?

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If you’re a business owner, this is a must-see. Be warned that I’m a bit lippy in this video and perhaps judgmental, even.

I’m seriously confused though, so bear with me.

I really hope you’ll help me understand the mindset of the woman who I describe in this video and weigh in with your thoughts around this topic of sales, marketing and business ownership.

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