How far will you go to succeed in your business?

What are you saying ‘yes’ to? What are you saying ‘no’ to?

Who are you saying ‘no’ to?    (Hint:  If you think it’s anyone other than yourself, reconsider the way you’re viewing it.)

(Sorry for the noise!  It’s an airport, after all…)

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(It’s not what you think.)

Since the dictionary definition of “sell” doesn’t reflect how I teach my clients how to get their own clients, this is my effort to find the words that better describe my approach.

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Listen in on an interview with Kay Ballard, host of Women Are Not Funny radio.  That’s about the biggest misnomer that Kay could choose for this fun radio show that she uses to entertain you.

Click to grab the recording & listen in to our conversation.


P.S.  Here’s her intro to the show…

Carolyn Herfurth knows how to have a meaningful conversation and has skillfully used that skill to advantage in more than two decades of incredibly lucrative sales success—both in corporate America and in business for herself. She launched The Biztruth to help solo entrepreneurs get comfortable having a sales conversation so they can make more money and have more fun! And to save herself the sadness of seeing entrepreneurs who are broke, frustrated & desperate.

After helping launch nearly 100 businesses, what’s a girl to do? In Carolyn’s case it was to honor her love of performing by boldly parachuting into the mercurial world of improv and standup comedy. And to leverage what she learned in improv training to encourage solo entrepreneurs and others to join her in embracing the certain unknown. Is Carolyn ready for an intentionally accidental conversation with Kay? Is being the featured guest on Women Are Not Funny Radio the next best thing being a standup comedian headlining a big Las Vegas show? Listen in to find out!

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Here’s a business truth for you (Biztruth #5, actually):  If you think marketing alone will make your sales for you, think again.

There IS a difference between marketing and selling and don’t let anyone lead you to believe otherwise!

(If you missed the free calls you can go to and scroll about two-thirds down the page to learn the other 9 Biztruths.)

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How do you answer the question, “what do you do?”

Is your response memorized?  Improvised?  Clumsy?  Smooth?

Filled with benefits?  Results?  Features?  Boring stuff?  Bad breath?  Questions?  Provocation?  Mystery?  Clarity?

Do tell!

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Are you tired of spending money on class after class and coach after coach…to still be struggling?

Here’s a solution for identifying where to invest your precious dollars and for how to communicate your value when speaking with potential clients.

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You can’t be all things to all people.

Many entrepreneurs resist this truth, however.  This video talks about how getting really granular when defining your ideal client actually EXPANDS your potential for business.

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The fact is, if you’re in business you’re in sales.

Go ahead.  I dare you. Bury your head in the sand.  Pretend it’s not true.  And tell me how that’s working for you…

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Connecting is one of my passions.  It conjures up thoughts of enjoyment, shared interests, laughter, interesting conversations and me out in the world being authentic.

  • When I am connecting, I am not struggling for the “right” words.
  • When I am connecting I am not trying so hard to impress people that I’m not listening to them.
  • When I am connecting, I am thinking about how I can help that person – through advice, people I know, ideas I have or simply witnessing an idea or experience they are having.
  • When I am connecting, I am comfortable in my body and my clothes. (more…)

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Help me take the word “sell” off of the 4-letter word list!

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