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Here’s a business truth for you (Biztruth #5, actually):  If you think marketing alone will make your sales for you, think again.

There IS a difference between marketing and selling and don’t let anyone lead you to believe otherwise!

(If you missed the free calls you can go to thebiztruth.com/about and scroll about two-thirds down the page to learn the other 9 Biztruths.)

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How do you answer the question, “what do you do?”

Is your response memorized?  Improvised?  Clumsy?  Smooth?

Filled with benefits?  Results?  Features?  Boring stuff?  Bad breath?  Questions?  Provocation?  Mystery?  Clarity?

Do tell!

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Question: “When you’re trying to sell something to someone, I know it’s important to communicate with people more than once. I’ve already emailed my newsletter readers with four different offers this month, but they still aren’t buying. What should I write in my next email that will work? I’m tired of pounding them so many times.”

With thanks to Aesop, let’s paraphrase a little story. It may give you a new perspective on this as well as other situations where you feel like you’re trying awfully hard.

The Sun and the Wind decided to have a little game. They agreed to prove which one of them was more powerful.

When a man came traveling down the road, they seized their opportunity – they decided to see who could make the man remove his coat, thus proving whether the Sun or the Wind was the more powerful.

The Wind took the challenge and began to blow. He blew as hard as he could at the man, trying to get him to remove his coat.

But the more the wind blew, the more the man clung to his coat and hat, and the wind had to give up.

Next the sun gave it a try and turned up his rays so it began to warm up. As the day grew brighter and the man grew warmer, he naturally found it too hot to keep his coat on and was happy to take it off.

Coming up on a small stream, he even took his shoes and socks off and took a wade before he continued on his journey.

With this story as a backdrop, let’s get back to the above questions:

“How do I stop chasing after customers and get them to try (or buy) my stuff?”

“How do I stop trying so hard to get results?”

These are very common questions for business owners and the answers are in the parable.

Ask yourself how you can be the sun, and not the wind.

How can you step into the river of your customer’s natural desires, rather than chase after them waving your company brochure as they go down a different path?

The saying goes, the only smart place to put a hot dog stand is in front of a crowd of hungry people.

Between the wind and the sun, which would you rather be, as you pursue the natural, effortless, stress-free growth of your business?

Tina Forsyth is the author of Becoming an Online Business Manager: Playing a Bigger Game with Your Clients and Yourself. She writes and consults in advanced online marketing and business systems for business owners and their support teams. www.OnlineBusinessManager.com

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How far are entrepreneurs going to go in using our Inboxes as a “virtual landfill”?

Help me find a solution.  Please!

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You can’t be all things to all people.

Many entrepreneurs resist this truth, however.  This video talks about how getting really granular when defining your ideal client actually EXPANDS your potential for business.

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My clients and students will often hear me tell them to “shut up & listen” in their sales conversations.

But in this video, I’ve got a bee in my bonnet about when NOT to listen. And it all has to do with the inspiration and execution around my upcoming Improv for Entrepreneurs Interview Showcase that’s happening September 20-24.

So watch and…well…listen!

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Connecting is one of my passions.  It conjures up thoughts of enjoyment, shared interests, laughter, interesting conversations and me out in the world being authentic.

  • When I am connecting, I am not struggling for the “right” words.
  • When I am connecting I am not trying so hard to impress people that I’m not listening to them.
  • When I am connecting, I am thinking about how I can help that person – through advice, people I know, ideas I have or simply witnessing an idea or experience they are having.
  • When I am connecting, I am comfortable in my body and my clothes. (more…)

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It’s go time.  When you’re talking with a potential client…
  • Ask questions that will reveal the specific pains that you help them resolve
  • REALLY listen to their answers
  • Dig deeper with MORE questions
  • Don’t blah-blah them to boredom
  • Closing the sale is as simple as asking another question

Effective questions minimize objections and lead to a natural close.

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Are you reluctant or nervous to talk to a potential client?
  • Relax
  • Remember that it’s just a conversation
  • Your ideal clients are waiting for someone like you to help them with their issue
  • Quit stalling & initiate!

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