Connecting is one of my passions.  It conjures up thoughts of enjoyment, shared interests, laughter, interesting conversations and me out in the world being authentic.

  • When I am connecting, I am not struggling for the “right” words.
  • When I am connecting I am not trying so hard to impress people that I’m not listening to them.
  • When I am connecting, I am thinking about how I can help that person – through advice, people I know, ideas I have or simply witnessing an idea or experience they are having.
  • When I am connecting, I am comfortable in my body and my clothes. (more…)

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Help me take the word “sell” off of the 4-letter word list!

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It’s go time.  When you’re talking with a potential client…
  • Ask questions that will reveal the specific pains that you help them resolve
  • REALLY listen to their answers
  • Dig deeper with MORE questions
  • Don’t blah-blah them to boredom
  • Closing the sale is as simple as asking another question

Effective questions minimize objections and lead to a natural close.

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Are you reluctant or nervous to talk to a potential client?
  • Relax
  • Remember that it’s just a conversation
  • Your ideal clients are waiting for someone like you to help them with their issue
  • Quit stalling & initiate!

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Think about your audience (aka target market or ideal client) and answer these questions:

  • What pains do they have?
  • What problems do you solve for them?
  • What solutions do you offer to alleviate those pains?
  • What goals might they have?
  • What do you do to help them reach their goals?
  • What results do your clients get?

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Biztruth #1 If you’re in business, you’re in sales.

And if you’re in sales, you need to find ways to connect with prospects & strategic partners.

Enter Bryn Johnson, Connection Expert.  Bryn helps people figure out how to connect & collaborate with prospects, partners & friends.  So I have invited her to guest post for The Biztruth Blog from time to time.  She has a wonderful sense of humor, is a gifted writer and always has great stuff to share with us.  Enjoy!

Trust me when I tell you– I LOVE to work from my home. When the role of the remote workforce gained widespread popularity a few years ago, I was thrilled to be employed by a progressive corporation that allowed the flexibility of working from home much of the time that I wasn’t on the road with clients. This was the smartest thing a corporation could do with an overachieving, workaholic like me. Give me an office that is as quick to commute to as rolling out of bed and making coffee- brilliant! The work often began before 7 am and ended when the lights went out and I went to bed. Most days I did this all in my sweats and a t-shirt. And shhhh…..many days I worked from my pajamas and took a shower between conference calls in late afternoon. (more…)

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For those of you who missed it, I’m sharing the recording from my call with Sheila Ronning of Sharp UpSwing.

Click to listen!

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I just spent four days with professional comedians Louie Anderson & Kyle Cease at Stand Up Bootcamp in Minneapolis. Their thoughtful coaching prepared me to perform my stand up routine in front of 250 people on Monday night…and it was a blast!

It also opened my eyes to how comedy parallels selling for the majority of business owners I meet. All of them have the stories inside of them but many don’t know how to overcome their stage fright and connect with their audience to make consistent sales.

If sales is something you (or someone you know) struggle with…don’t go it alone. I’d be happy to share a few minutes of my time to learn what causes you to freeze up and discuss strategies for helping you find more success on the selling stage.

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We’ve all got ‘em.  But we don’t always see ‘em.  It takes an extreme amount of self awareness to pull ourselves off of autopilot and into awareness mode to see our blind spots as we move through life.

This video shares a few observations from my trip last week that highlight some of the smaller, everyday things that we do and are (mostly) unaware of.  Can you imagine the big stuff that we’re missing?

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If you’re a business owner, this is a must-see. Be warned that I’m a bit lippy in this video and perhaps judgmental, even.

I’m seriously confused though, so bear with me.

I really hope you’ll help me understand the mindset of the woman who I describe in this video and weigh in with your thoughts around this topic of sales, marketing and business ownership.

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