We’ve spent the past four weeks walking through the various culprits that contribute to why you don’t get all pumped up about the most important lifeline of your business… selling.

Today we address the fifth reason and walk through a simple 5-step solution to this issue.

If you’ve missed the first four videos about P.I.M.P.S., you can link to them here:

Culprit #1 – http://www.thebiztruth.com/mindset/5-reasons-you-resist-selling/
Culprit #2 – http://www.thebiztruth.com/mindset/sales-resistance-culprit-2/
Culprit #3 – http://www.thebiztruth.com/mindset/ever-been-tricked-cornered-or-cajoled
Culprit #4 – http://www.thebiztruth.com/mindset/who-are-you-to-say/

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