If you missed the teleseminar that I had last night with Matthew Goldfarb, copy guy from Corporate Renegade, here’s your chance to learn the secrets he shared with me.

Sales Page Convo w/Corporate Renegade, Matthew Goldfarb (audio)

I like Matt’s approach so much that I decided to become an affiliate & spread the word.  If you want more info, please visit Sales Page Boot Camp.

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Have you ever been cornered by someone who blah-blahs all over you? You know what I’m talking about.

After you watch the video, share your stories in the Comments section about being on the receiving end of a bad salesperson’s pitch. I’ll bet there are some really juicy stories out there!

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What fun advice we received last week from our first fill in the blank:  “Never _____________.”

Now let’s hear what your Momma had to say!

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