I had a conversation with a client last week about how she likes to be the one who is “asked to the dance”.

But when it comes to getting new clients for her coaching practice, nobody is asking her to dance. Or even standing outside the school sneaking a cigarette with her, for that matter. It’s high time she does the asking and give her prospects that same feeling of being valued and looked after.

This post is challenging you to ask for what you want to see where things lead.

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  • I was posting a video interview about my book “You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get” on YouTube and saw your video with the same title. I couldn’t agree more with your message, which is why I wrote the book! Check it out! I also blog on this subject, but have taken a short break while my personal website is being redesigned (www.janetfwilliams.com). Perhaps I could do a guest blog for you one day and vice versa.
    Janet F. Williams

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