Do you ever get that uneasy feeling that your prospect is trying to get away from you?

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  • Jae Gruenke says:

    Carolyn, that is a hysterical story! Every part of it is painfully familiar, from the endless spiel to running overtime to sweating and spitting to the trapped and agonized look on your victim’s face. I’ve been on both sides of this kind of conversation waaay too many times.

  • I’m with Jae–been on both sides and thankfully, I’ve seen the light thanks to experts like you and others. I still have a lot to learn to go from the first handshake to creating and nurturing a relationship but at least I now know, it’s all about them, not me.

  • Jodi says:

    Love it…ditch the glitch. I love how you choreograph the sales process and make the art of asking sound so lovely. Also love that you shared that story…you are so good at what you do and it’s great that you can dig deep and share when it wasn’t so easy for you…because you sure make it look easy.

    • Thanks, Jodi. We’ve all been through a journey of our own, haven’t we?! Selling HAS become easy for me over the years (through trial & error) and it’s fun to see my clients find that same ease in their conversations without having to shed the blood, sweat and tears that I did.

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