It’s go time.  When you’re talking with a potential client…
  • Ask questions that will reveal the specific pains that you help them resolve
  • REALLY listen to their answers
  • Dig deeper with MORE questions
  • Don’t blah-blah them to boredom
  • Closing the sale is as simple as asking another question

Effective questions minimize objections and lead to a natural close.

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  • jenifer says:

    I work in Hollywood where people have mastered the art of deflecting questions. But you are right, if I really listen to not only what they ARE saying as well as what they are trying not to say, it’s easy to find more questions that will lead to a conversation.

  • ralfilm says:

    Asking questions and listening is very important indeed and people might even remember you as a interesting person, good for conversation etc. but depending on your field as soon as you get to whatever might smell even remotely like “sale” they tend to shut down instantly…. so it might be necessary to do the “asking”-conversation a couple of times before thing of “sale” ?!

    • Aha. Interesting point. I can’t claim to know the intricacies of all fields, but would agree that there are certain situations where you need to “build” trust in order to gain the right to ask for the business.

      However, if you’re asking thoughtful & thought-provoking questions, I would argue that you can minimize the distance between sales conversation and close!

      Thanks for your perspective!

      “10 Things to Never Ever Say on a Sales Call” is on its way! I hope you’ll come back to share your thoughts & questions again.


  • Dawn says:

    It is such a great reminder to let the client do the talking… it is so easy to want to tell my story and it is really all about their story. Love it, keep it coming!

    Thanks Carolyn!

  • Beverly says:

    It is always nice to be reminded that we need to ask questions to build a relationship before blasting with the sale’s pitch

  • Nancy says:

    So much of the “sales mind set” for me is overcoming old “poor quality” experiences of being “sold” when I later wished I’d said no. I am working to switch out the “selling” model to a “serving’ model and what you are teaching is definitely the “serving” model. Thanks for the reinforcement.

  • deanna says:

    you have to “hear” what they want, not just listen

  • cindy says:

    Great reminder–Questions to learn, then active listening!! Sounds easy, but ez to fall back in to the ‘blah blah’ comfort zone!!
    Thanks Carolyn!

  • Asking questions would be a good strategy for me. I tend to be frank and to the point, so I’m not particularly talkative anyway. Asking questions gets THEM to do the talking.

  • Carolina says:

    Thank you Carolyn for the don´t blah blah – that´s what many sales people do.

    I think the most important thing in a conversation is to listen very carefully. And then from time to time to repeat in my own words what the other person said.

    Then we can ask the right questions to digg deaper.

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