Here’s a business truth for you (Biztruth #5, actually):  If you think marketing alone will make your sales for you, think again.

There IS a difference between marketing and selling and don’t let anyone lead you to believe otherwise!

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  • In my years of working with clients I hear over and over again, we’re paying for all this marketing, but not making any sale!

    Then after a little investing, I find that this is true, they’re not making very many sale, BUT not do to their marketing efforts, it’s due to pouring money into ways to draw in customers to their business and forgetting the other half…

    Someone has to be ready to sell the service, product, whatever it is, and I’ve found most of the time, they have little or no procedures to do this.

    So, I agree with you, wasting your efforts on one without the other, will not work.


  • greg rigby says:

    Marketing generates opportunitiues to do business – selling converts the opportunies into business.

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