Does your heart skip a beat when asked, “If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?”  I’ve never liked that question because I like options. And balance. And variety, darn it. The full meal deal, as it were.

Well, Carrie Wilkerson of Barefoot Executive fame, basically asked me the sales version of that question in this week’s video. And my heart sunk. It’s hard to narrow it down. But I did it anyway.

So if you had to know just one thing about sales, it’s this….

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  • Valeie Young says:

    Thanks Carrie – Carolyn ROCKS!

    Her message and techniques are so needed especially among women entrepreneurs who are leaving money on the table by being sales averse.

    I love her have a “conversation” vs. no-hard sell approach and guiding the potential customer to make a buying decision.

    Valerie Young

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