It happened again.

During a Money Momentum session with a new client, I asked how her clients benefit from working with her.

And with all the love and respect I have for her, here’s what I heard…

Blah blah

And she’s no exception. I’m even guilty of it when I get really lazy. Or am in a hurry to bang something out.

Darlings, (I’m talking to myself too 🙂 you MUST be able to articulate the benefits your deliver so that your clients understand your amazing value!

And quite frankly, what you think it is, usually isn’t what it REALLY is.

Don’t make them do all the hard work and try to piece it together or they’ll never buy from you. Well, hardly ever. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut.

I shot a short video for you to tell you my simple, but not always easy trick for NAILING your benefits.

Do it. And keep at it. I promise you it’ll pay off.

Click below to watch the video… And then post a Comment to tell me the benefits of working with YOU!


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  • This is so true…. I am refreshing my brand and upleveling my language and messaging, part of this project has been to really identify what my benefit is rather than what I do. Tremendous, eye-opening exercise. I have also asked my clients what the benefit is that I bring to them and that was one of the most humbling experiences I have had since owning my own business. We often move so fast we do not stick around to notice the lasting effect we leave in our wake.

    Great topic and conversation – thanks Carolyn!

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