As part of the planning I’ve been doing for the last half of the year, unearthed a hornet’s nest about my thoughts on how entrepreneurs are being conditioned to believe how business is done. And,Darlin’, it ain’t how my small town banker Dad taught me how to do business!

So I put together a little quiz for you…

true or false?

  • the guru business model devastates more lives than it improvesDisguised as inspiration
  • it’s crucial to be on guard for manipulation disguised as inspiration
  • the day will come when every entrepreneur must break from mimicking what others do to find true success
  • it’s necessary to understand the motives of the coach who charges peanuts to get you in the room for her event
  • it’s critical for entrepreneurs to rebel against being squeezed into a one-size-fits-none formula
  • entrepreneurs must demand to understand how business essentials work and not settle for the flash
  • anyone who fills you with fear and self-doubt is a charlatan and doesn’t deserve your money or attention
  • more and more entrepreneurs are on the verge of an uprising against being led like sheep (and being fleeced like them too)

What do you believe to be true?

Let us know by sharing in the Comments below!



  • Katie Cooney says:

    that a focus on dollars amplifies the fear of scarcity
    that a business focused on customers thrives

  • Kerri Konik says:

    Wow, I so agree with this wake up call, flashlight on the face of the small business guru methods!
    My favorite “manipulation being disguised as inspiration… Ouch.
    When I was a 1MM biz, serving my large consumer product companies, I did not think of myself as a “small business”. I thought of our consulting firm as a smart company with a kickass solution to their problems, and it worked.

  • martha says:

    I agree with Kerri! It is a big wake up call!

  • Carolyn ~ Ouch and Awe! I love your beliefs.
    You say “that entrepreneurs must demand to understand how business essentials work and not settle for the flash” I’ve seen so many people (and I have in the past, I’ll admit it) put their hands up for the overall arching ideas without focusing on the step by step basics that create the foundation everyone needs.

    Oh, and I believe that we all have the answers deep within! We know when a coach or model is right and we know when it isn’t. We simply have to be still to her the truth come from our soul.

  • I believe that we can be full of self-doubt when we start and corporate escapees in particular tend to look for someone who can show them the way — we’re naturally team-focused and are used to working with a mentor to reach our goals.

    Unfortunately, the big gurus play on that uncertainty and sell something that may work for us at SOME point, but they never tell us the stuff we need to have down before we start adding what they’re teaching.

    They use a ridiculous strategy of saying things like “this is not for you if you’re a whiner, malcontent….” who the hell is going to say “geez…I’m a huge whiner. I guess this program isn’t right for me”?

    So yay you for helping to expose them and the way they play on our emotions to sucker us into their crazy programs.

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