The truth is…there are things you don’t and won’t want to do in your business.

You don’t wanna do it. You dig in your heels. Not gonna happen.

It might be pulling together your taxes for your CPA.

Or wiggling into your Spanx to head to a networking event you don’t want to attend. (Ugh!)

Or following up with the people you met at that networking event.

But there’s often something on the other side of the things you don’t want to do…that you do want.

Which “want” is stronger? 

  • Wanting to avoid doing your taxes… or wanting your refund (or not wanting to be on the bad side of the IRS)?
  • Wanting to stay home to watch The Voice… or wanting a bunch of awesome prospects?
  • Wanting to avoid follow-up to avoid rejection… or wanting new clients?

You have choices. You have the choice to avoid what you don’t want to do and not get what you want.

Or you have the choice to do things you don’t want in order to get what you do want.

Dare to do the things you don’t want in order to get what you do want.

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