The problem with browsers is that they rarely buy anything.

The prospect who walks up to the salesperson and says, “I’m looking for a pinstripe suit in size 38” is a lot more likely to walk out with a suit than the one who mutters, “No thanks, just looking.”

Which is relevant to your quest for a new product or business or job or mate or project worth working on…

If you’re still looking around, making sure you understand all your options, getting your bearings or making sure you’re well informed, you’re most probably browsing.

You missed the first, second and third waves of the internet. You missed a hundred great jobs and forty great husbands. You missed the deadline for that course and the window for this program.

Quit looking and go buy something already.

I wholeheartedly agree with Seth.  Besides, why sit on the sidelines and deprive yourself of fully experiencing life?

Now, imagine that you’re the salesperson on the other end of this “just looking” prospect.  What are you doing to engage that individual and uncover what it is they’re looking for?

My clients learn how to pry that information out of their potential clients and as a result, satisfy both parties.

(Seth is brilliant and I highly recommend getting his blog alerts.  You can find his blog by clicking here.)

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  • Lorraine says:

    Seth seems to be describing a left-brain buyer, they invest with their left-brain. They come in with a plan and when the sales person asks “can I help you?” they pull out the schematic design for what they want. They may be the easiest sell, but they are also the most “economical” with their dollar.

    Telling a right-brain or mid-brain buyer to “stop looking and go buy something” is the attitude that 99% of sellers take because they don’t understand how to identify the purchasing style of the person standing in front of them. Without that information, they certainly don’t know what is going to inspire their perspective buyer invest.

    Sounds like Carolyn is holding the decoder ring to understanding buyers and that ring has been calibrated for “success”!

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