You’ve found my Secret Lair. No, not liar – lair! This is where I share a personal story of mine, a client or colleague. Or maybe your story if you want to share someday.

This story is related to the Truth that:

Fear makes you do some crazy shit.

I hated making initial contact calls when I started my first biz. I was afraid of making mistakes, being rejected and being seen as a failure. I didn’t like that feeling of vulnerability that came with selling myself.

My fears were driving a very irrational “inaction” by avoiding making sales calls. You’ll notice that even an inaction is an action.

Well duh, if I’m not making initial contacts I’ll go straight to failure. At least I’ve got a shot at success when I pick up the phone and risk making mistakes and being rejected. 

Once I faced my fear and sucked it up, making calls got easier and the doors opened wide leading to helping my clients launch 100 businesses in 7 years.

My dare was to approach the action of making calls with a spirit of curiosity, presence and wonder… and not worry about rejection, mistakes or failure.

What’s your Truth & Dare on this topic? Comment below.


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