You’ve found my Secret Lair. No, not liar – lair! This is where I share a personal story of mine, a client or colleague. Or maybe your story if you want to share someday.

This story is related to the Truth that:

There are things you don’t and won’t want to do.

You will not believe me when I tell you that I don’t much care for networking events.

Yes, me. Carolyn Herfurth. An extroverted, life-of-the-party, loves-people person.

That’s my truth.

I’d rather be hanging out with my friends. Going for a walk in Central Park with my sister (because she’s awesome). Going to one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants for dinner.


I want a successful business and I can’t seem to find a way to accomplish that without hitting various events. So I go.

Most of the time.

What’s your truth on this topic?


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