You’ve found my Secret Lair. No, not liar – lair! This is where I share a personal story of mine, a client or colleague. Or maybe your story if you want to share someday.

This story is related to the Truth that:

Commitment is measured by action, not promises.

One promise I always make to myself (and a couple of MasterMind friends) is that I’ll stop doing program launches.

But… I’m apparently not all that committed to my “promise” because my actions don’t back it up. Proof in point, I just came off yet another Art of the Ask Academy 2.0 launch 10 days ago.

But I really want to believe myself when I say it. I promise I do!


Because launches take a real bite out of me. I don’t get enough sleep and eat too much takeout. I stress about whether my message and marketing will resonate with people because my clients get such great results and I want everyone to take advantage of it to grow their businesses too. But what if they don’t get it? Or get annoyed with all of the emails that a launch seems to require? Ugh.

The irony is that doing a launch is a HUGE commitment, but apparently it’s an easier commitment for me to make than NOT doing launches.

So am I really, truly committed to the promise I make myself to not do launches?

Apparently not.


So my Dare is to commit to limit the number of launches I do this year. One more is my minimum, two more is my max.

What’s your Truth & Dare on this topic?


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