The fact is, if you’re in business you’re in sales.

Go ahead.  I dare you. Bury your head in the sand.  Pretend it’s not true.  And tell me how that’s working for you…

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  • Lisa Elia says:

    Love this video. So many people limit themselves by being averse to sales when really you’re doing people a favor by letting them know what you have that could help them.

    Thanks for this great content, Carolyn!

  • Tina Forsyth says:

    Speaking of used car salesmen… I had a good laugh a couple of weeks ago Carolyn. My husband and I were looking to buy a car and stopped at a used car lot. Got to talking to a salesman there and he actually said to my husband (referring to me standing beside him)

    “Well, how about you and your daughter talk about this and let me know.”

    Uh, excuse me? I’m like are you for real? He’s says “just making a joke, haha” or something like that. I mean come on, do I look like someone who needs a false compliment to boost her day? Not to mention it was just plain creepy.

    First thing in my mind was “Oh Carolyn would kick your butt for that one buddy” LOL 😉

    Hate to stereotype a used car salesman, but in this case it was true.

  • Melanie Yost says:

    Great video, Carolyn!! Thanks for sharing! Things are going much better since we spoke. 2 new private clients, a VIP day and several more people in my group. I appreciate you, your time and your knowledge!

    Now for my story. Right before my daughter was born, we went car shopping. I wanted a Subaru and the closest dealership was in a very small town. Even though we told the salesman it was my car, he only spoke to my husband. Even when I was the one asking a question, he would turn, look at Brian and answer. Finally my husband told him he’d better start addressing me or we would move on to another dealership. He started talking to me, but I don’t think he ever “got” it.

    • Yahoooooooooooooooooo, Melanie! I am SO thrilled to hear about your recent sales success. Thank you so much for sharing and CONGRATULATIONS!

      If I weren’t so committed to helping all of the solopreneurs who DO “get” the importance of finding a way to increase your sales in an authentic, non-manipulative way…I would tackle the car sales market. Boy…do they need help!

      But I’m going to happily stick with ya’ll for now 🙂

      Love, Carolyn

  • Barbara says:

    Hi Carolyn,

    Sad to say, some of the worst have been in our biz — the ones who, almost as soon as they say hello, are ramming something I “need” down my throat…not pretty! But I must say that it makes it really easy to unsubscribe from their mailings! Really enjoying the bootcamp and can’t wait for next week’s role play with my peeps!

    • Barbara – You may have just inspired a future post! I’m glad you’re enjoying the Biztruth Bootcamp and look forward to the sales boost you’ll enjoy when we get this last piece in place 🙂

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