Do you ever catch yourself saying, “I can do it myself”?  If you think it’s saving you money, think again.

(My apologies for the sound…I haven’t figured out where I tucked my microphone for “safe keeping”!)

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  • Bonnie says:

    Congratulations Carolyn!!!!

    Love the view from your new back yard! Great tips. Letting go and alowing someone else to do my “chores” is challenging and frustrating cuz I want to be in control. You and my 2yr. old grandaughter are teaching me to learn to accept help with I need it.

  • Tina says:

    I think once we’ve graduated from college we’ve earned the right to never lift another bedframe again, LOL. Yay for a smooth move Carolyn, hot diggity dog you made that happen quickly… love it.

    I was just thinking today – as I was paying my team – THANK GOD they are doing all this work for me. Yes, “theoretically” I could do a bunch of this stuff on my own – but I got to spend the day with my girls instead. Worth every penny imo.

    • Agreed, Tina! I love leaving the heavy lifting to the peeps who actually ENJOY that sort of thing. And I love that you are so at peace with letting go of those things…that’s what is just one of the things that’s helping you grow so big! (And you know I mean your biz…not you 🙂 Hugs, C

  • Joan Silva says:

    OH my gosh, your yard is lovely. AND loved your message. it is so RIGHT ON. I counsel clients this way all the time. AND get the ‘yeah but’ answer too. How do you handle the yeah but?

    The weather here in Norther California is like winter. Raining. Hail. Cold and windy. There you are in NYC and wearing sleeveless. What’s wrong with this picture? huh?

    Your wisdom and witty delivery is always appreciated. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Joan. You & John are always welcome to join me for a drink on the patio if it stays too cold for you in N. CA 🙂

      If your clients want to keep doing it themselves, I’d simply encourage them to get back in touch with their goals. And if their goal is to grow…they HAVE to let go of the little stuff. They can’t do it all and expect to grow. Plain & simple.

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