How far will you go to succeed in your business?

What are you saying ‘yes’ to? What are you saying ‘no’ to?

Who are you saying ‘no’ to?    (Hint:  If you think it’s anyone other than yourself, reconsider the way you’re viewing it.)

(Sorry for the noise!  It’s an airport, after all…)

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  • You go girl! All great points. You have to get out there even if “there” is within a 10 mile radius of your house.

    You’re a great model.


    • You’re another great example of going the distance, Valerie.

      And you know what else you do that is awesome and will have to be a topic for another video someday? You go the distance every DAY. You get out of your house even if it’s just to walk the dog. That’s important to keep us from “hermit-izing” ourselves, hiding behind the computer or lying on the sofa watching Oprah.

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