I’m intrigued by the advice that people give…or pass along from influencers in their lives.

This will be a regular feature…so play along!


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  • Thanks to those who shared their comments on Facebook:

    Mark Teskey
    sweat the petty stuff or pet the sweaty stuff?

    Patrick Stuart

    Paul Barber
    say never

    Chris Hubred Redson
    Fart in a crowed elevator

    Marjean Rowan
    let an opportunity pass you by

    Marty Mangold
    can say goodbye

    Douglas J Pursley
    Play leapfrog with a unicorn

    Jean Hanson
    say never

    Scott Flickinger
    have any regrets in life

    Bryan Rice

    Dave Shaw
    mind the bollocks

    Helene Desruisseaux
    pass up an opportunity to laugh

    Elizabeth Christianson-Botten
    Lose hope

    Wanda Hilken Leslie
    Never, Never give up – Winston Churchill

    Brian Jensen
    give up and always tell them that you love them.

    Jacqueline Hadden
    Expect more than you give 🙂

    Chad Knutson
    stop believing in yourself

    Karen Odegard Dulak

    Jennifer Brigham
    …doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. -Margaret Mead

  • Bryn says:

    second guess your first impression!

  • Darla LeDoux says:

    Do something just because you think you should.

  • Brian Moran says:

    Complain; never explain.

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