What fun advice we received last week from our first fill in the blank:  “Never _____________.”

Now let’s hear what your Momma had to say!


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  • Facebook comments:

    Karmin Eisma
    never lie.

    Shelly Phillips Elkington
    never walk and smoke a cigarette…..I know; strange. She thought it made girls look “cheap”. Apparently it’s OK to sit down and smoke. I don’t even smoke…

    Amy Howard Schmitt
    If you are going to do something, do it right the first time.

    Christine Martin Foerster
    “comb my hair”. Typical barbers wife.

    Angie Holton Whitcomb
    I know what you are doing even if I don’t see you doing it. Remember that.

    Chip Nordstrom
    fill the vodka bottle with water until you have time to replace it so that your dad doesn’t notice (in college:-))

    Betsy Desmond
    …that someday I would have children just like me, and THEN I would understand.

    Jean Hanson
    wear clean underwear in case you get hit by a bus…

    Ruth Herfurth
    to go play in the street 🙂

    Lori Anderson
    Be sweet!

    Marty Mangold
    “you better shop around”

    Jennifer Brigham
    I brought you into this world, and dammit, I can take you out!

    Susie Gute Rogers
    Don’t jump on the bed.

    Beth Syverson Leonard
    Chew with your mouth closed

    Adell Heinemann
    Marry rich!

    Tom Hughes
    Not to talk to strange women

  • Bryn says:

    My Mom always told me: don’t leave home without clean underwear— hahaha
    Seriously. She still believes this so sometimes, ya just gotta go commando to not break the rule!
    (Jean Hanson- do we have the same Mom?)

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