My clients and students will often hear me tell them to “shut up & listen” in their sales conversations.

But in this video, I’ve got a bee in my bonnet about when NOT to listen. And it all has to do with the inspiration and execution around my upcoming Improv for Entrepreneurs Interview Showcase that’s happening September 20-24.

So watch and…well…listen!

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  • sherry says:

    Hey Carolyn,
    so FUN to see how your personae is evolving. liked your “don’t listen” segment. strong stage setting…you’re not using the word “so” so often. Which makes you sound a little less Minnesotan (I do this too!)

    Give many more examples !! the concrete and sensory are what ignite memory and imagination the most (“joy is in the detail, trauma is in the detail”)…how can you go narrower and deeper into your message. would’ve like to have heard 2-3 other examples of when I shouldn’t listen besides the louie example (which I’m guessing had the double intention of promoting this event)

    Any way, you seem to seriously have it going on…you really truly do inspire me.
    Love that!!

  • Karri Flatla says:

    Rock the Improv sista! Entrepreneurs need your message so badly in this crazy world of information overload and … yes, fear of the “no.”

    I’m so proud 🙂

  • Delores Vigil says:

    Hey thanks for reminding me, I needed to remember this for current blocks!
    I was told by many that I couldn’t build a salon in our building (many obstacles) I did it and it was very successful!
    I was told my little salon in a little Montana town could not possibly attract the famous name platform artist to come in for a town fundraiser—never been done. I did and it was packed, even people peering in windows! I was told that Paul Mitchell was far too important to just call on the phone and visit; I did and was invited to his studio in Honolulu for the day! Oh, by the way, I married the platform artist and we are living happily ever after!
    Oh yes we all can!!!!

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