Do you ever get on such a roll when you’re trying to make your point that you don’t even know what’s coming out of your mouth sometimes?

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  • Shannon says:

    Hey, it happens. I swore once on stage calling an old boss an ‘a$$hole.’ I was mortified, but you know what? When I got over the initial ‘holy crap I just swore in front of 100 people’, I realized it was the right term to describe him.

    Sure, it shocked people. But you’re right. It’s me…it’s how I felt and it’s authentic. People who were offended weren’t going to like my ‘new york sensibilities’ anyway.

  • I LOVE this! What a great phrase… Dangerously You. Sounds like you’re onto something there, my friend. 🙂 (Oh, and love you being dressed up for the video too!)

    Keep on keeping on being YOU!

  • Wow! What a powerful video. I was in the room when you used that phrase and I was NOT offended. Taken out of context, everything could be offensive. I believe there is a balance to be struck between being our authentic selves and knowing the “personality” of the room (or person) we’re speaking with/to. With grace, poise and awareness, every speaker is able to move through speedbumps.

    Jessica Clark,

    p.s. the only reason it even lingered longer than you may have liked is because of the razzing one person was giving you. The rapport you built with the audience and poise and grace you embodied demonstrated you knew the personality of the room.

    • Jessica – Thanks so much for sharing your experience having been in the room. There are so many different angles & lessons to take from it. One that comes to mind with your comment is “non-judgement” and how that plays into selling. (You may have just inspired my next video… although who knows what’ll move me when I pull out the camera on Thursday night 🙂

      So great to meet you & your darling hubby, Michael.

  • Tina Metcalf says:

    I too had the privilege of hearing you speak live at the Thrive event in SLC, UT.
    You were authentic, approachable, entertaining and gave incredible insight and value. If someone is going to choose to nit-pick and take offense to a comment that they choose to exaggerate what was meant then they are focusing on the bugs on the windsheild instead of the road they’re headed on. There loss.
    The “dangerously you” is what makes YOU freakin fabulous 😉
    Great video! Thank you for sharing.
    Keep doing what you do.

    • Thanks, Tina. I love your “bugs on the windshield” comment. Well said!

      It was so wonderful to meet you and connect with the amazing energy and presence you have. Your turn to come to NYC!

  • Kim Eisen says:

    Awesome. You are so right that people are trying to be perfect rather than real sometimes. I dropped the ‘f’ bomb speaking (it was just so natural) and I had that moment of ‘oh, no . . .’. But you’re right people came up to me and loved it, cuz that’s what they’re really saying in their head. Real is dangerous, but only to those who aren’t your ideal client ; ) Thanks for sharing this Carolyn. You Rock!

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