It’s likely you’ve heard the verse, “Ask and you shall receive.”

Wouldn’t it be great if the same thing applied in selling your services?

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  • Carolyn, you are always brilliant! Thank you, your “Art of the Ask” course and subsequent training really helped my staff significantly improve their sales closing ratios. In this economy we really need as much behind us as possible and I am grateful for your teachings.

    • Melody, It’s been such a treat working with your team. I love the action they’re taking and the amazing results they’re getting. They’re lucky to have a leader who supports their continued development (and it doesn’t hurt your bottom line either!).

  • Carolyn,
    Your concept, that there is an art to the ask is brilliant and takes the onerous out of it. As a creative I like the idea of art vs script, must do, no flexibility allowed. I also like being reminded that there are stages of the ask. Like any good relationship it takes time and the willingness to listen to the other person right?
    Keep on bringing these great little nuggets. I look forward to them!

    • Gregory Anne, It seems like so many of us have been on the other end of pushy sales tactics so that’s what we associate w/how selling needs to be done. Not so! And yes, how great is it knowing that you can leverage that creative mind of yours throughout your sales connections.

  • Ellen Thomas says:

    This is chock full of important stuff! I particularly like your point about speaking so your ideal client can “hear” you. If you don’t speak in someone’s language, they won’t understand what you are saying. Simply using the same language, such as English, isn’t enough. There may be certain key words that will push the right buttons for someone. They also need to be in the right frame of mind to receive the information. Being sure that you are connecting first and that the other person is receiving what you are saying is crucial to getting the message across that you want to convey.

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