Help me take the word “sell” off of the 4-letter word list!

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  • Bryn says:

    If we take sell off, we better create a new one 🙂

  • Bryn says:

    Okay- this is an Hysterical Video and you are 100% correct. I want to boldly go out there and SELL authentically and all me! Thanks Carolyn.

  • Dan says:


    You make a valid point on terminology. What I might suggest is that one needs to “sell” or “market” (you choose what you want to call it) a valid VALUE PROPOSITION to enhance or bring value to the table. With our economy still on very thin ice…there has been a culture change in that procurement is done carefully and I would propose that what one has to “sell”…must (for examples) be perceived to add value, solve a problem, enhance business or engage employees. It must fill a need and maybe it will almost “sell itself” if that value proposition can be effectively communicated!

    BTW,,,would be interested in your thoughts on “Guest Service”. It’s everywhere in retail. At Target we are not called “Customers” we are called “Guests”. WHAT? If you have a guest in your home…do you charge them to visit you? NO. So, I want to be a customer and it would be very nice to experience excellent customer service. Then I would be delighted to buy what they have to sell, if I need or want it. Note I used your 4 letter “S” word. I don’t want to be a guest in their store…If I am their guest…then put out the nice guest towels in the bathroom, put out the cheese and crackers, crack open the wine…and let’s party. Can you picture that in a Target store? So, how’s that for a “Biztruth”…let’s call a customer a customer…treat them well, provide value, and then feel free to sell sell sell sell.

    • Dan – Great post! I’ve got a friend who works for Target Corp so I’ll see if we can run your suggestions up the ladder. Heck, if we ask for the sky perhaps we’ll get the wine 😉

      I wholeheartedly agree with you on all but one thing. And that is sales is sales & marketing is marketing. They are not one in the same. Marketing brings people to your door. Selling is what happens once you’re in a live conversation with a potential client. If peeps only sell online & don’t have live interactions…they can “avoid” selling. But very few people have their biz model set up in that way so they’ve gotta sell like hell!

      Would love your thoughts!

  • Buffie Blesi says:

    For many of the sellers, “Sell” is a four letter word because it makes them feel dirty. But it doesn’t have to. Clean up your act by being authentic in who you are and what you sell. Your prospects and customers will appreciate you more and pretty soon “Sell” will be your favorite word as it will turn into GREEN.

  • Jane says:

    Hi Carolyn

    Once again you are right on. The world revolves around sales and if we think of “selling” as solving a person’s problem, isn’t that much less scary and nasty then selling? It’s essential we know what problems we are solving for our clients and address our services from that frame of mind. Keep standing on your soapbox!
    Jane Morrison

  • Lisa Elia says:

    Great video, Carolyn! I love that you’re encouraging people to honestly sell themselves and their services.

  • Gary Nelson says:

    Interesting discussion. I think most potential customers are too sophisticated to “Sell” them something. I think Jane hit it on the head that successful selling is offering a solution to the customer’s needs. If they are comfortable with you and the solution you’re in!

    • You bring up another good point, Gary. Buyers are sophisticated and can sense a phony from a mile away. Unfortunately, most of us have had to buy from a phony at some point because they offered something we want or need. Then we’re left with that negative association of what sales is all about.

      The solution? Ditch that negative association and start solving problems. Or go hungry, I suppose.

      Thanks for sharing!

  • Susan B says:

    YEA!!!!!! I am so happy to have someone bringing dignity and respect back to sales. Since becoming an entrepreneur I have become very confused by the whole “sales” part. I know that I am to be of help and service, that’s what I want to do and is why I started my own business, but frankly I have felt as though even using the word sales was a no-no, mentally or physically. I am glad to see you say it loud and say it proud, I want to make SALES calls! These calls will enable me to manifest and attract the perfect clients to me, the ones that are ready to receive what I have to offer as well as benefit greatly from our work together.

    If a person does not “buy” my products or programs two things will happen; 1.) Either they are not the target market for me OR 2.) There is still more I need to learn in the “art of the sale.” So I say thank you for standing up for the truth and making sales an honorable thing to do once again.
    XO’s Susan

    • Susan – I am so thankful to have you participating in the Biztruth Bootcamp and really “getting” the message that sales isn’t a negative thing. Congratulations for the accomplishments you’ve already made after just 3 classes. You rock, Lady!

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