How do you answer the question, “what do you do?”

Is your response memorized?  Improvised?  Clumsy?  Smooth?

Filled with benefits?  Results?  Features?  Boring stuff?  Bad breath?  Questions?  Provocation?  Mystery?  Clarity?

Do tell!


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  • Lisa Elia says:

    I love your videos, Carolyn. This one is on one of my favorite topics–your elevator pitch or introduction. It’s SO important, in sales or any time you meet anyone.

    Thanks for your great videos!

  • Brenda says:

    I am the Building Business Mindset Coach who teaches Holistic Practitioners, Healers and Heart Centered Entrepreneurs to attract clients consistently and build a thriving business doing what they love.

    I have memorized the elevator speech, however when someone asks me what I do I say it with passion. I can’t leave it to chance because I find that I am fumbling for the right words.

    That comes across as uncertainty when I hear others try and explain what they do and are stuttering, lost for words etc.

    Thanks for the great video.


  • LaFaith says:

    Greetings Thank You Carolyn for this video.
    Well, if someone ask me What do I do? I say I am an Internet Marketer that help entrepreneurs and small businesses spread the word about their products and services. Then if they ask me How? Then I say, well I can help you in many ways in my different avenues of advertising. Such as, Internet, Word of Mouth,Social Networks,Traffic exchanges,classifieds,forums,referral, and many other ways I have set up to help you expand your business.

  • Stacy says:

    My pitch varies, but the “core” message is:

    I show entrepreneurs, business owners, and busy professionals how they can keep their name in front of their clients and prospects — in a personal way — that increases customer loyalty and referrals for new business.

    I generally find out what THEY do first, so I can tailor the message to “speak” to them. When I can tailor my message to them, they usually ask me for my card.

  • Alan Hill says:

    *smile* I actually do have a formula I teach for this very thing. the details are available in my free ebooks at http://themiracleworker.wordpress.com (click on ‘downloads’ and then the picture of the guy raising his hands in triumph).
    Look for the article “Amazing Introductions” for the details.
    The formula is this:
    A. Job title of who you want to work for (or your customer)
    B. Top 3 unsolvable challenges in their business (cheaper, faster, better, more or people?)
    C. How do they feel about those challenges? (top 3 emotions)
    D. After you solve their problem, how will they feel? (top 3 emotions)

    Example: “Hi, what do you do?”
    “I transform chaotic manufacturing into smooth running operations”
    “I save companies from the fear of Bankruptcy by transforming complainers into customers”

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