Connecting is one of my passions.  It conjures up thoughts of enjoyment, shared interests, laughter, interesting conversations and me out in the world being authentic.

  • When I am connecting, I am not struggling for the “right” words.
  • When I am connecting I am not trying so hard to impress people that I’m not listening to them.
  • When I am connecting, I am thinking about how I can help that person – through advice, people I know, ideas I have or simply witnessing an idea or experience they are having.
  • When I am connecting, I am comfortable in my body and my clothes.
  • When I am connecting, it is easy to plan that next get-together to collaborate.
  • When I am connecting, I don’t need to TELL people about my business or my ideas and shove a business card in their hand. Instead they are naturally curious about me and ASK me for my business card.

To get started, practice on people. Practice when the stakes do not feel so high. Practice these techniques by talking to neighbors, community members, colleagues at work, vendors or customers, family members and friends. It is incredible how dialogue changes when you are asking questions and being yourself in the conversation. Remember the feeling! You will bring it to your next networking event and have a great time!

Written by Bryn Johnson

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