You’ve found my Secret Lair. No, not liar – lair! This is where I share a personal story of mine, a client or colleague. Or maybe your story if you want to share someday.

This story is related to the Truth that:

There are things you don’t and won’t want to do.

You will not believe me when I tell you that I don’t much care for networking events.

Yes, me. Carolyn Herfurth. An extroverted, life-of-the-party, loves-people person.

That’s my truth.

I’d rather be hanging out with my friends. Going for a walk in Central Park with my sister (because she’s awesome). Going to one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants for dinner.


I want a successful business and I can’t seem to find a way to accomplish that without hitting various events. So I go.

Most of the time.

What’s your truth on this topic?


The truth is…fear makes you do some irrational, desperate things that ultimately sabotage your growth.

The business isn’t running on all cylinders. People aren’t lining up to hire us. Things feel off-kilter.

Low on time, money and patience…we begin to panic. And left unchecked, that fear drives irrational decisions. I know it sure has for me. It robs you of your creativity and joy. It stirs up an air of desperation that drives your prospects away.

You deserve better! 

Tune into how your fears color your actions and decisions – from how you approach your day, your prospects, your business, your clients, your life.

Is fear in charge of you? Or are you in charge of fear?

And the next time you’re faced with a decision, ask yourself if you’re making it from a place of wonder, curiosity and creativity… or a place of fear.

Dare to grab fear by the throat!

What’s your Truth & Dare on this topic? Comment below.

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You’ve found my Secret Lair. No, not liar – lair! This is where I share a personal story of mine, a client or colleague. Or maybe your story if you want to share someday.

This story is related to the Truth that:

Fear makes you do some crazy shit.

I hated making initial contact calls when I started my first biz. I was afraid of making mistakes, being rejected and being seen as a failure. I didn’t like that feeling of vulnerability that came with selling myself.

My fears were driving a very irrational “inaction” by avoiding making sales calls. You’ll notice that even an inaction is an action.

Well duh, if I’m not making initial contacts I’ll go straight to failure. At least I’ve got a shot at success when I pick up the phone and risk making mistakes and being rejected. 

Once I faced my fear and sucked it up, making calls got easier and the doors opened wide leading to helping my clients launch 100 businesses in 7 years.

My dare was to approach the action of making calls with a spirit of curiosity, presence and wonder… and not worry about rejection, mistakes or failure.

What’s your Truth & Dare on this topic? Comment below.

The truth is… commitment is measured by actions, not promises.

Having worked with thousands upon thousands of entrepreneurs over the past 10+ years, I’ve heard a lot of “talk”.

People talk about what they’re going to do in their business – and they might even believe themselves – myself included. Yet they don’t take the actions necessary to follow through on their words so their promises mean nothing.

This behavior will kill your business. And quite possibly bury you.

It sends YOU (and The Universe – if you’re woo woo) the underlying message that you don’t keep your word. Eventually your words become hollow even to you, and you put yourself in a circular loop of “all talk and no action”.

So the next time you’re tempted to talk about what you’re “gonna do”, stop and figure out if you’re truly committed to it. Or save your breath.

Dare to stop talking about it and go do your thing.

Comment below to let us know your thoughts on this Truth & Dare.

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You’ve found my Secret Lair. No, not liar – lair! This is where I share a personal story of mine, a client or colleague. Or maybe your story if you want to share someday.

This story is related to the Truth that:

Commitment is measured by action, not promises.

One promise I always make to myself (and a couple of MasterMind friends) is that I’ll stop doing program launches.

But… I’m apparently not all that committed to my “promise” because my actions don’t back it up. Proof in point, I just came off yet another Art of the Ask Academy 2.0 launch 10 days ago.

But I really want to believe myself when I say it. I promise I do!


Because launches take a real bite out of me. I don’t get enough sleep and eat too much takeout. I stress about whether my message and marketing will resonate with people because my clients get such great results and I want everyone to take advantage of it to grow their businesses too. But what if they don’t get it? Or get annoyed with all of the emails that a launch seems to require? Ugh.

The irony is that doing a launch is a HUGE commitment, but apparently it’s an easier commitment for me to make than NOT doing launches.

So am I really, truly committed to the promise I make myself to not do launches?

Apparently not.


So my Dare is to commit to limit the number of launches I do this year. One more is my minimum, two more is my max.

What’s your Truth & Dare on this topic?

It’s been said that I’m a “challenge junkie”.

I’ve pulled Dukes of Hazzard-like stunts from moving cars. Biked through Ireland. Danced on stage at the Sydney Opera House. Done stand-up comedy. Jumped out of airplanes. Moved to NYC on a whim.

I’ve started multiple businesses. Founded a large-scale business expo in the Midwest. Walked away from a perfectly good business to start something else. Launched a series of one-day events in multiple cities.

And I jaywalk in New York City. (Ha! Who doesn’t?!)

But that’s not where I started. I started taking tiny little chances as a kid. Then bigger ones as a teenager. Then even bigger ones as a college grad. I worked up my “challenge muscles” and it became easier and easier to take on the bigger risks and challenges.

What saddens me is that I see many entrepreneurs not playing up to their brilliance. Hiding. Not going after the thing they REALLY (maybe secretly) want to do.

So you play smaller than you’re capable of. You get sidetracked doing stuff that doesn’t really matter and before you know it, it’s tomorrow. And that really cool thing you wanted to do is still just something you want to do, not something you’ve done. So you feel unfulfilled.

So what is it for you? What is that thing you’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t because you don’t know if you have the money. Or wonder if it’ll fail. Or think people will laugh at you. Or that you’ll be exposed.

Or maybe it’s something personal that you’re just waiting to do until _________ happens in your biz so you can actually go for it.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, I want to challenge you to a dare.

If there’s something in your personal or professional life that you’d like to accomplish but you don’t see how to make it work – or find you just haven’t gotten around to it because other things seem more pressing – I dare you go for it.

In fact, I’m so interested in you making “shift happen” for entrepreneurs that I’m going to walk you through 21 micromovements that get you clearer and closer to it becoming a reality.

It all begins January 21st and runs for 21 days straight. It’s fun. It’s free. And it’s fruitful.

You with us?

If so, click over to to put your name in the ring and join the party!

I double dog dare you to join us!

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We’ve spent the past four weeks walking through the various culprits that contribute to why you don’t get all pumped up about the most important lifeline of your business… selling.

Today we address the fifth reason and walk through a simple 5-step solution to this issue.

If you’ve missed the first four videos about P.I.M.P.S., you can link to them here:

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Culprit #3 –
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There’s a certain vulnerability that goes with selling your “self”. Believe me on this one. Not only was I was the poster child for this phenomena when I started my first business, I’ve witnessed this behavior in virtually every client I’ve worked with over the past 10 years as a small business owner myself.

This extra layer of head trash contributes to the fourth culprit of why entrepreneurs don’t get all jazzed up about selling and might be interfering with your business success.

If you’ve missed the first three videos about P.I.M.P.S., you can link to them here:

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Culprit #3 –

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Have you ever been “tricked” into buying something that you didn’t want or need?

If so, you’ll relate to today’s video about PIMPS Culprit #3.

I share how those experiences factor into your relationship with selling and what an insidious role it plays (without us even really realizing it) when it comes to offering your own services:

If you’ve missed the first two videos about P.I.M.P.S., you can link to them here:

Culprit #1 –

Culprit #2 –

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There are five reasons entrepreneurs don’t jump out of bed each morning EXCITED to get out there and sell their services.

The reason it’s so important for you to understand these five culprits is because sales are the lifeblood of your business and if it’s an activity you resist, it’s tough for your biz to grow.

This video addresses the second reason. This one has to do with everyday influences that impact our perception of what selling is all about.

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