I’m still plugging away on assembling a special idea generator for curing those moments (days, weeks, months…?) to get you out of feeling “UGH” and into happy in your business.

Looks like it’ll be ready next Wednesday so keep your eyes out for it.

And since I’m taking a lifetime to finish up this article and don’t have a regular newsletter for you today, I wanted to bring an oldie but goodie out of the archives for you.

I believe this was the second or third video I ever did over six years ago… and was the precursor to The Biztruth.

I guarantee you’ll get a laugh out of it (especially at :55) so enjoy!

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Although a New Year is symbolic of new beginnings, we can begin anytime we want!

I originally posted this on January 1, 2014 and want to share it with you again at the start of our new year. Welcome 2016!

Click the player below to see and hear the reading of this thoughtful and encouraging book, Beginnings. 

If you want to download this onto your audio player, here’s the MP3 link:



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I’ve made more than one stupid-ass business mistake in my 13 years as an entrepreneur.

The business mistake I share in this video ranks right up there in my Top 10.

All because I didn’t tune into my truth.

Watch the video below – and learn from my mistakes. (They’re cheaper that way.)

And be sure to take advantage of my free REFLECT inventory to evoke insight and identify your biggest opportunities for growth going forward.

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I booked a trip to Paris two months ago. I’m scheduled to fly there Friday evening. One week after the horrific terrorist attacks.

I’ve been asked repeatedly if I’m going to cancel my trip.

The short answer is no.

This video explains why I’m still going.

And more importantly, why it’s relevant to you, the Entrepreneur.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015 marked my 13 year anniversary as a business owner. What an adventure it’s been!

I’m putting my biggest mistakes under the microscope – because I have my mistakes to credit for what I’ve achieved the past 13 years!

(And I’m cracking up at the headshots along the way, so had to include those for comic relief. I haven’t changed a bit, have I?)


Year 1
Co-chaired a huge charity event. I raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the non-profit – while my own revenues were only $20,000. 🙁

[ctt title=”Think twice before taking advantage of your lifestyle business if you haven\’t earned it yet.” tweet=”Think twice before taking advantage of your lifestyle business if you haven’t earned it yet. http://ctt.ec/Bf9vr+” coverup=”Bf9vr”]

Year 2

I hated picking up the phone to call prospects because I had an enormous fear of rejection.

[ctt title=”Any rejection you receive from a prospect isn’t personal. It’s a reaction and reflection of their own beliefs.” tweet=”Any rejection you receive from a prospect isn’t personal. It’s a reaction and reflection of their own beliefs. ttp://www.thebiztruth.com/mindset-priorities/13-years/” coverup=”2RD5m”]


Year 3

Had second thoughts about skydiving. Jumping out of an airplane was a good business lesson for me. To paraphrase Darren Hardy of Success Magazine, “it only takes 20 seconds of courage to break through your fears.”

[ctt title=”The anticipation of doing something new creates more fear than the act itself. Do it anyway!” tweet=”The anticipation of doing something new creates more fear than the act itself. Do it anyway! http://ctt.ec/ej2ZA+” coverup=”ej2ZA”]


Year 4

Believed that a franchise coach with another firm was a competitor. Nobody who likes my style would ever work with him – and vice versa. But I still found myself bristling whenever I was around him. And even stooped to his level whenever we were in the same room. Ugh.

[ctt title=”There\’s no need to feel threatened by perceived competition. Own who you are and know that there\’s plenty for everyone.” tweet=”There’s no need to feel threatened by perceived competition. Own who you are and know that there’s plenty for everyone. http://ctt.ec/F3UU3+” coverup=”F3UU3″]

Year 5

Allowed a business colleague’s jealousy make my life a living hell. She thought my franchise book gave me an unfair advantage over the other franchise coaches in our area so she fought against me using my book to promote the franchise expo I co-founded. An expo that benefited everyone. Including her.

[ctt title=”Don’t get caught up in other people\’s pettiness or bend over backwards to please them. You never will! ” tweet=”Don’t get caught up in other people’s pettiness or bend over backwards to please them. You never will! http://ctt.ec/Seadh+ via @carolynherfurth” coverup=”Seadh”]


Year 6

Damaged my relationship with a dear family member over a business decision. As honest and “right” as I believed my intentions were, she felt betrayed. And even though I quickly abandoned what she felt I was doing wrong, it’s taken years to repair the relationship.

[ctt title=”Acknowledge, accept and apologize for what they\’re feeling in that moment, regardless of how “right” you believe you are.” tweet=”Acknowledge, accept and apologize for what they’re feeling in that moment, regardless of how “right” you believe you are. http://ctt.ec/hf727+” coverup=”hf727″]
Year 7

Paid a “business” guru $85,000 cash to help me create my 7-figure venture. Lots of gory details. Suffice it to say that didn’t happen. I fell waaaaaay backward in revenue, not forward.

[ctt title=”Don\’t hand over your power with your credit card. ” tweet=”Don’t hand over your power with your credit card. http://ctt.ec/9Ta5a+ via @carolynherfurth” coverup=”9Ta5a”]


Year 8
Walked away from my multiple 6-figure business without trying to sell it. And to compound the mistake, I got out before I was clear on the business model for my next venture. Talk about taking a leap without a net!

[ctt title=”Stop with the magical thinking, already! Be clear on your revenue strategy. Always. ” tweet=”Stop with the magical thinking, already! Be clear on your revenue strategy. Always. http://ctt.ec/hb41v+” coverup=”hb41v”]

Year 9

Tried to make an offer like the gurus do during one of my live events. It was sold out. The room was filled with my ideal clients. When I made my offer, you could’ve heard a pin drop. Calling it an epic, embarrassing disaster would be the understatement of a lifetime.

[ctt title=”Understand how you\’re naturally wired. Don\’t try to sell like someone you\’re not.” tweet=”Understand how you’re naturally wired. Don’t try to sell like someone you’re not. http://ctt.ec/05b8K+” coverup=”05b8K”]


C Blue Dress 3

Year 10

Faithfully followed a “6-figure launch” blueprint and pissed off my community. It felt wrong, but I did it anyway because I thought (or hoped) her promise would come true! I made less than previous launches and my open rate plummeted by half. 

[ctt title=”Trust your instincts, despite how expert the advice appears. But be sure you know the difference between fear and intuition.” tweet=”Trust your instincts, despite how expert the advice appears. But be sure you know the difference between fear and intuition. http://ctt.ec/8fJ6u+” coverup=”8fJ6u”]
Year 11

I almost walked away from The Biztruth weeks before I started my first mentorship program (now called Evolve Accelerator.) Even though my clients were getting great results from my sales training, I was frustrated trying to recover from my financial mess after my guru addiction. I wasn’t convinced that my new program would improve my financial situation.

[ctt title=”It’s darkest before the dawn. You have it in you to make a tremendous impact.” tweet=”It’s darkest before the dawn. You have it in you to make a tremendous impact. http://ctt.ec/523FU+ via @carolynherfurth” coverup=”523FU”]


Year 12

Hosted a live event without making an offer to help them further. Women flew in from all over the country. They loved what they learned. There were major breakthroughs. And yet, there was more work for them to do.

[ctt title=”It’s our responsibility that if our prospects want more, we have more value for them.” tweet=”It’s our responsibility that if our prospects want more, we have more value for them. http://ctt.ec/PGX7d+” coverup=”PGX7d”]
Year 13

Thinking that the first 13 years were filled with mistakes! I continue to learn more and more every day – and love every moment!

[ctt title=”Mistakes are turn signals. It means we\’re in action. They guide us where we need to go. ” tweet=”Mistakes are turn signals. It means we’re in action. They guide us where we need to go. http://ctt.ec/al2g9+ via @carolynherfurth” coverup=”al2g9″]

I wouldn’t trade my 13 years of mistakes for anything* because they’ve allowed me to grow by leaps and bounds and made me who I am today. Thanks for being along for the adventure.

Here’s to 13 more!

* Unless he’s tall, dark and handsome!  😉

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Fear of sales strikes the heart of (and psyche) of even the most talented of entrepreneurs.

Paige Wilhide admits she used to be terrified of sales and would run screaming from the room when faced with a sales situation.

And when fear stops an entrepreneur from getting clients to build her business, we’ve got a problem!

This fear of sales usually crops up for one (or more) of five reasons having to do with P.I.M.P.S.

Personal Self-Worth
Selling Skills

Watch today’s video to learn more about each of the PIMPS to identify which reason(s) rings true for you. And learn what to do about it so you can get on the road to terror-free sales conversations so that more clients hire you.

If you want more in-depth help eradicating your PIMPS so you land more clients, visit:


You’ll find my Art of the Ask™  sales training designed specifically for service based entrepreneurs to get past the fear and into the fun of serving your best clients.

Why packaging and pricing your services is a balancing act

It can be easy to sell a highly valuable package when you underprice because people immediately see the benefit.

Sure… your clients might be happy.

But that business model strategy doesn’t serve YOU.

Why facing this ONE thing is an absolute must

Are you being honest about whether you’re priced and packaged right so that you meet the financial goals you’ve declared for yourself?

Or are you letting Ego and Magical Thinking rule?

If you want to build a profitable business (and who doesn’t?!)…

You must dare to face your Truth.

How (and why) she earned 80% less than she should have

Watch this video so you can learn from someone else’s mistake…

Ready to get honest about your business model? Let’s talk. Shoot me a message at the link below:


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I know I’ve felt it before. But I’d never really thought to use THAT word to describe it.

Where do you feel it the most?


Give yourself the gift of feeling less vulnerable in your business by watching my free training:



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If you’re wondering why the hard work you’re doing with your business coach is not pushing you forward to the next level, it could be that you and your coach simply aren’t a good match for each other. Or it’s possible that your coach is simply not a good coach.

How do you know if you’ve got a coach who’s not right for you?


Here are 9 things you should never tolerate in a coaching relationship:

1. Being told what you “should” want

Your coach is there to guide you, not tell you or project on you what you should want. “You should want a 7 figure business.” Maybe you’re fine with a 6 (or even 5) figure business, and you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that.

2. A my-way-or-the-highway attitude

If you tell your coach, “That is a great idea, but it just doesn’t feel true to me,” your coach should immediately say, “OK, what about trying this?”

If your coach instead adopts a “my-way-or-the-highway” attitude, it’s time to find a new coach.

There’s no reason why you “have to” do something that is not authentic to who you are. If we look at it from the other direction, a good coach will always try to find the best way for YOU.

3. Not being pushed outside of your comfort zone

The whole point of working with a business coach is to be challenged and pushed outside of your comfort zone. That’s how we learn and grow! If your coach is letting you just hang back, he or she is undermining the entire purpose of paying a coach.

And yes, there’s a difference between being pushed outside of your comfort zone and being told what you should want or how to get it.

4. FOMO is pervasive

FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out, is better suited to a sorority than a business accelerator.

Scared you’re going to miss out if you don’t sign up for the “hot” program that your friends are enrolling in? Or that you won’t make important connections if you skip an event – even if it’s not relevant to your business? You’re living in FOMO World.

5. Overcharging and under-delivering

Don’t feel like you’re getting what you paid for? Unfortunately, it’s rampant in the guru coaching world to charge crazy prices, without regard for level of value or experience of the coach.

A good coach will help you in two major areas:

1. She’ll equip you with the skills, tools and self-trust to make decisions you feel great about.
2. She’ll help you see and create a big picture strategy so you know which tactics to choose as you execute.

6. “Gated” advice

Just as some coaches will under-deliver, some will intentionally hold back advice. Rather than providing it to you as part of the overall process, you will be told you have to sign up for an additional program to learn X. That’s unacceptable, obviously.

Likewise, if you feel like every session ends with more questions than answers, it might not be your imagination. It could be that your coach is holding back information so you keep you coming back for more.

7. Zero ROI

I know entrepreneurs – myself included – who have spent tens of thousands of dollars on business coaching but never earned back even a fraction of their investment. It is perfectly reasonable to expect a coach to deliver value that exceeds your investment by five to ten times – or more.

8. Self-doubt trumps self-trust

A great coach will equip you with tools and knowledge that build confidence and self-trust, not break it down. If he or she instills self-doubt rather than confidence or makes you feel “less than” instead of “more than,” run, don’t walk, out the door.

It is likely that she’s trying to extend the relationships so she can milk more money out of you.

9. The pieces of the puzzle never seem to fit together

The longer you work with your coach, the clearer your entire business becomes. Each element of your business starts to fit together, and what was once a scattered pile of pieces becomes a completed puzzle.

If your coach doesn’t show you how the different elements of your business work together, it’s probably because he or she doesn’t know.

Need a business coach who helps you tie your business together so it doesn’t fall apart? Watch the FREE live training here:



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I can’t stop thinking about what’s going on in the business coaching world. Coaching Confusion

And the ONE THING that’s holding you back.

It’s the plethora of advice about WHAT to think and WHAT to do in your business.

Our Inboxes are filled with offers to learn how to make money with social media, sales funnels, Facebook ads… the list goes on. 

It’s not that they’re bad programs.

But the problem with that approach is you’ll always need to rely on others to give you the next step. And the next. And the next. And…

And so often, you don’t get the same results that were promised.

Obviously that slows you down. It did for me (and 97.3% of the entrepreneurs I know!)

And it wastes opportunities that are in front of you right now. Not to mention money, too.

Although you might not know this, you can completely avoid falling into that trap. With the right perspective. 

I know because I was able to lift myself out of this cycle of…

+ tactic of the day

+ coach of the moment

+ short-term decisions

+ blinded by my enormous desire to succeed

= in the red 

It sucks, doesn’t it?

That’s why it’s critical to learn HOW to think about your business. And understand HOW everything fits together. And how to optimize your priorities based on a few key factors. 

Because when you do, you’re able to land your perfect clients so much sooner. And in a way that’s true to you. So you make more moola.

And I want to share my insights with you to save you the time and money that I lost.

Because I was you.

After walking away from a multiple 6-figure business, I hopped from one sales or marketing tactic to the next.

After coming to my senses, I scraped and clawed my way back to building another multiple 6-figure business.

And you can do the same. 

You simply need to know the essential keys for making it happen.

And I want to give you a free on-demand video training – with no strings attached – no opt-in – no barriers – just click and play.

None of the hoopla. Or shiny stuff that makes us salivate. Or the “latest and greatest” marketing trick.

That’s just a waste of money until you understand these five things you need to know. And I’ll share it all in the free on-demand video.

Unless you’re a glutton for punishment, you can avoid the fuckload of tears and time that it took me.

You’re probably having a hard time trusting that it’s even true. I get where you’re coming from. It’s hard to believe you don’t have to endure the string of disappointment with programs that don’t deliver the results you want.

Do this.

Suspend disbelief for 91 minutes to watch this free on-demand video. 

I’m going to show you HOW to create a strategy for your business that weaves the golden thread through your business.

I’m not messing around here. This is real, practical stuff that shows you what you need to know to trust yourself enough to do things your way.

This on-demand video will be available until next Wednesday, June 24 until midnight EST.

Whether it’s your first – or third time watching – I promise you’ll get something new out of it.

Mostly, the opportunity to know HOW to think about your business. Even though you don’t know that you haven’t been doing so.

For the record, I’m not saying you don’t think. I’m saying your coaches hold back HOW everything works together so that you’ll keep going back to them for more. Tricky, huh?

You won’t get it until you see the big picture which I’ll explain the webinar. And when THAT happens, ooooh, watch out, World…

That’s what I call doing Business Unusual.

I’ll walk you through the 5 levers to make it happen.

This bad boy will be up for exactly 7 days. So watch it now:




p.s. Forgive the first 40 seconds of “crazy screen.”

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