We’re a quarter of the way through 2011.
  • Did you meet your financial goals these first three months?
  • Are you at 25% of your goal for the year or do you have to make up some ground?
  • What investments will you make NOW to go “faster forward”?

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If you're in business, you're in sales.

If you want to make money in your business, you must treat it as a business.

If you don't have a handle on your numbers, it's time to  sharpen your pencil.

If you think marketing alone will make your sales for you,  think again.

If you can't ask, you'll never get.

If you think it's about you, you're wrong

If you don't focus on pay time, you won't get paid.

If you don't invest in yourself, nobody else will either

If you have a Plan B, don't expect Plan A to succeed.

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Do you ever find you’ve got so many things to do that you never have time for selling?  And because you don’t have time to sell you don’t have enough clients or the level of revenues you need to keep your lights on.

Today is a repeat…and it’s WORTH repeating.  In fact, anyone of my clients who has incorporated this practice into their business will sing from the roof tops about how it has changed their business drastically.

Remember, if you don’t focus on pay time, you won’t get paid.

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It’s easy to get caught up working on the many projects you’ve got between clients and not get out of the office. I know that can happen to me. There are all sorts of excuses not to get out and mingle with people in your community.

The question is… Are your BUTS bigger than your business?


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Just like improv, there are no scripts in life. Or business. Or selling.

If you want more “yesses” from your prospects, you need to have a “yes, and…” attitude.

“Yes, and…” is an improv fundamental that’s about taking what’s given to you…accepting it, building on it, moving it forward and making it work.

Rather than trying to defend or convince a potential client who’s throwing objections and “no’s” at you…imagine how much easier and more fun a sales conversation would be by maintaining a “yes, and…” perspective.

To learn how to incorporate this into a sales strategy that is proven to gaining more “yesses” from your prospects, register for the SELL event being held in Austin, TX on February 25, 2011.  Simply visit http://thesellevent.com.


The year of YES doesn’t mean saying yes to everything & everyone.

It’s about saying yes to yourself and what’s BEST for the health of your business…while still being willing to stretch & get outside of your comfort zone and take risks.  If you’re hitting the “easy” button in the hopes of big returns, that’s actually you saying “no” to yourself.

Decide what to say “yes” to and why.

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I have decided that 2011 is the year of “yes”.

I’ve got a LOT to say on the topic so today is the first of several videos that address the various angles of why I chose “yes” to be my theme for the year.  Today is about who we’re saying “no” to.

Please share what YOU have to say on the topic.

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This is a great clip from one of my favorite actors, Kevin Spacey, talking about the difference between ambition versus knowing WHY you want to achieve something.

To know what you want, to understand why you’re doing it, to dedicate every breath in your body, to achieve… If you feel that you have something to give, if you feel that your particular talent is worth developing, is worth caring for, then there’s nothing you can’t achieve. – Kevin Spacey

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What do ice dams and sales have in common?  (Don’t worry, I’ll explain what an ice dam is first.)

Both, if not dealt with proactively, can be a slippery slope.

If you struggle with sales, do something about it and have a damn good year!

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The problem with browsers is that they rarely buy anything.

The prospect who walks up to the salesperson and says, “I’m looking for a pinstripe suit in size 38” is a lot more likely to walk out with a suit than the one who mutters, “No thanks, just looking.”

Which is relevant to your quest for a new product or business or job or mate or project worth working on…

If you’re still looking around, making sure you understand all your options, getting your bearings or making sure you’re well informed, you’re most probably browsing.

You missed the first, second and third waves of the internet. You missed a hundred great jobs and forty great husbands. You missed the deadline for that course and the window for this program.

Quit looking and go buy something already.

I wholeheartedly agree with Seth.  Besides, why sit on the sidelines and deprive yourself of fully experiencing life?

Now, imagine that you’re the salesperson on the other end of this “just looking” prospect.  What are you doing to engage that individual and uncover what it is they’re looking for?

My clients learn how to pry that information out of their potential clients and as a result, satisfy both parties.

(Seth is brilliant and I highly recommend getting his blog alerts.  You can find his blog by clicking here.)

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