Hello, I’m Carolyn Herfurth.
Activator. Accelerator. Adventurer.

Carolyn Herfurth headshot DZ
When smart women want clarity and are ready to cut through the crap… they call me.

I’m a Business Design and Sales Coach.

And if you ask anyone who knows me, they’ll tell you how much I love inspiring self trust in women.

Whether you call it my passion, my brilliance or my obsession – you’re right.

As a business, sales and franchise veteran, I have a keen ability to cut to the quick to align your business with your goals, identify and assess what’s “sale-able” and capitalize on your strengths so that your business is fun, profitable and fruitful for you.

And I do it with loads of love. ❤️

In addition to speaking and delivering private strategy engagements, I run Evolve Accelerator for service-based entrepreneurs to take charge of their lives through their businesses. No more trying to squeeze into one-size-fits-none business blueprints. No way!

I love helping business owners dare to live their truth and create sustainable, successful businesses they love.

Life is short and business is tricky, so dare to find and live YOUR truth!

Quote Business is the art of getting people where they need to be faster than where they would get without you.


10 Truths About Me

  1. I once paid a business “mentor” $85,000 for a coaching program. In hindsight, not exactly my proudest moment. But it opened my eyes to what entrepreneurs really need!
  2. I have played a hand in the launch of over 100 businesses and grown thousands more.Patio 2015
  3. I live a half a block from Central Park in NYC and have the amazing garden you see to your right. Pinch me!
  4. I owned a franchise for 7 years and cofounded the Minnesota Franchise Spectacular. I’m also the author of Buying a Franchise: Tips, Tools & Tales for Doing It Right.
  5. I see money in your business that you don’t — and can show you how to get it.
  6. I’ve parachuted from an airplane. Twice.
  7. I speak extensively about business design and selling services to anyone who will listen.
  8. I wish I could spend just one night as a standup comedian headlining a big Las Vegas show. (Then I’d want another. And another. And…)
  9. I have a penchant for “bringing the inside out” so I host Cocktails & Coaching events for clients on my patio — as well as late night, impromptu parties in my street so that I can meet more of my neighbors.
  10. I believe we can all lead richer lives by being ourselves…not who we think others want us to be.

The Ripple Effect

I adore my clients. They muster up the courage to go after what they want. They take action. They’re curious. They want more for themselves and their families. And they know they deserve it. And holy smokes, if they don’t get some sweet results!

“I have a new way to look at our value and made back 4.5 times my investment in just 3 months.”
– Laurie Davis

“I can now write the check for my kid’s college.”
– Christine Rico

“I didn’t know it was possible to have this much success at the very beginning.”
– Anne Marie Segal