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Your business model is the container for how you do business. And when things aren’t working the way you want, it’s time to go back and rethink what you want your business to do for you – and what it does for others. In this video, you’ll learn the factors to consider as you as […]



Running your small business requires a lot of effort. And you’re either a sprinter or a marathoner. Which one are you? And how do you adjust to energy bursts or endurance lulls? Email me if you want to explore ways you can get in better shape as you run your business.


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How to increase productivity is a challenge for virtually every entrepreneur I’ve ever met. Too much to do. Not enough time. There’s a lot of advice for how to increase productivity. And this one happens to be my favorite because you don’t have to lift a finger. In fact, quite the opposite.


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Online marketing looks easy and super duper profitable on the surface. Especially when done well. Unfortunately, my first 5 years as an online marketer did not come so easy. The lessons I learned were vastly different than the ones I learned in the business I had for 7 years before launching this venture. In honor […]



Call reluctance can be a real showstopper for entrepreneurs who want more clients, but are scared stiff of initiating sales conversations. It would sure be nice if prospects would pick up the phone and call YOU. And maybe someday, that’ll happen. In the meantime, if you want to eat, this video will give you advice […]