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Money Assess

In my last video, I addressed the issue of HOW entrepreneurs (myself included) have squandered money on things that don’t make sense for where we are in the entrepreneurial evolution. Today’s video walks you through a simple way to assess WHY you make those decisions. No shame. No judgement. Eye opening, indeed. Be absolutely sure […]


Money 1

While I was going through my guru phase, I was the Queen of Making Poor Money Decisions. I squandered tens of thousands of dollars on stuff that didn’t make sense. It drained me emotionally and financially. And I know I’m not alone. Odds are high you regret a decision or two. Or twenty? This video […]


Blooper thumbnail

We spent last Tuesday morning on my patio shooting some video to announce my live event coming to NYC this fall. I thought you’d enjoy behind-the-scenes blooper reel that my video guys put together from our shoot. If there’s one thing that’s present in everything I do, it’s having fun. Since fun is my #1 […]


Biz Happier

Remember as a kid how joyful and carefree you used to be?Life was a cinch. You woke up, played, ate, played some more and went to bed. The next day was the start of another new and exciting adventure. It wasn’t hard. Why can’t your business feel as fun and simple as that? Why, even […]



How about some inspiration combined with a chance to win a neat-o prize simply by exercising your creativity? It’s easy, fun and free. Download my Manifesto (shown to your right) at Simply scroll over the toolbar in the lower right corner and click the “save” or “print” icon on the far right. No opt-in is necessary. Do something creative […]