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Profit #FAIL

Why packaging and pricing your services is a balancing act It can be easy to sell a highly valuable package when you underprice because people immediately see the benefit. Sure… your clients might be happy. But that business model strategy doesn’t serve YOU. Why facing this ONE thing is an absolute must Are you being […]



A business model is how you decide to package, price, sell and deliver your services. Designing a solid business model is THE most important gift you can give yourself. Yet too many service entrepreneurs undercharge for their services – or underestimate how much more they could be doing for their clients so they can actually […]



I know I’ve felt it before. But I’d never really thought to use THAT word to describe it. Where do you feel it the most?   Give yourself the gift of feeling less vulnerable in your business by watching my free training:  



If you’re wondering why the hard work you’re doing with your business coach is not pushing you forward to the next level, it could be that you and your coach simply aren’t a good match for each other. Or it’s possible that your coach is simply not a good coach. How do you know if you’ve got […]



Overcoming sales objections and stalls is a challenge every service-based entrepreneur faces. And learning how to overcome sales objections adds more clients, more quickly. An entrepreneur asks… “I closed (or thought I closed) a big deal and sent the contract to my potential client, but a week later it’s still not signed. We agreed on the […]