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It happened again. During a Money Momentum session with a new client, I asked how her clients benefit from working with her. And with all the love and respect I have for her, here’s what I heard… And she’s no exception. I’m even guilty of it when I get really lazy. Or am in a […]


Oh, so young!

In my early 20s, my boss struck a deal for me to travel withAnthony Robbins’ team to all of his one-day events. At first, I was in awe of his sheer size. Inspired by his message of personal power. Intrigued by the groupies. I watched how Tony’s sales teams sold out his events in 3 […]


Benefits Questions

When you’re having a sales conversation, you may already know to focus on benefits, not features. And you may also know to ask questions to engage potential clients. What you may not know is how to combine these two things to close more sales. Watch today’s video for my approach that nets more clients for […]


Money Assess

In my last video, I addressed the issue of HOW entrepreneurs (myself included) have squandered money on things that don’t make sense for where we are in the entrepreneurial evolution. Today’s video walks you through a simple way to assess WHY you make those decisions. No shame. No judgement. Eye opening, indeed. Be absolutely sure […]


Money 1

While I was going through my guru phase, I was the Queen of Making Poor Money Decisions. I squandered tens of thousands of dollars on stuff that didn’t make sense. It drained me emotionally and financially. And I know I’m not alone. Odds are high you regret a decision or two. Or twenty? This video […]