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If you’re wondering why the hard work you’re doing with your business coach is not pushing you forward to the next level, it could be that you and your coach simply aren’t a good match for each other. Or it’s possible that your coach is simply not a good coach. How do you know if you’ve got […]



Overcoming sales objections and stalls is a challenge every service-based entrepreneur faces. And learning how to overcome sales objections adds more clients, more quickly. An entrepreneur asks… “I closed (or thought I closed) a big deal and sent the contract to my potential client, but a week later it’s still not signed. We agreed on the […]


Coaching Confusion

I can’t stop thinking about what’s going on in the business coaching world.  And the ONE THING that’s holding you back. It’s the plethora of advice about WHAT to think and WHAT to do in your business. Our Inboxes are filled with offers to learn how to make money with social media, sales funnels, Facebook […]



Your business model is the container for how you do business. And when things aren’t working the way you want, it’s time to go back and rethink what you want your business to do for you – and what it does for others. In this video, you’ll learn the factors to consider as you as […]



Running your small business requires a lot of effort. And you’re either a sprinter or a marathoner. Which one are you? And how do you adjust to energy bursts or endurance lulls? Email me if you want to explore ways you can get in better shape as you run your business.