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You’re an entrepreneur, service professional or small business owner who’s ready to kick it up a notch (or 10) and you want help because you…

  • Suspect your business is running you, instead of you running your business. It’s time to show your biz who’s boss.
  • Are frustrated because you need more clients but are having far too many “nice” conversations that don’t close. You want to make the most of those opportunities so you can make a difference helping clients you love.
  • Aren’t sure what to do to get the results you want (it may feel like you’ve tried everything)… so you’re having trouble getting your business off the ground.


The truth is, you’re smart enough to eventually figure out much of this on your own. But you’re not the type who wants to waste time because you…

Want results. Now.

Want to make a contribution. Now.

Want to make money. Now.

Want to enjoy life. Now.

Want financial stability. Yesterday.


And you know the clock is ticking.

You’re not naive enough to believe that your path to success won’t be littered with challenges. It’s only a matter of time before you hit The Dip - if you’re not already there. 

And smart woman you are, you want to know what those issues will be before they arise so you can avoid doing a face plant on your Entrepreneurial Evolution.

You want to know the crucial keys to shorten your learning curve and accelerate your earning curve.


I’m Carolyn Herfurth and I’m a business and sales strategist who works only with action takers.

(If you’d rather talk about it than do it, we’re probably not a fit for each other. But before you go, be sure to watch this webinar about the five elements critical to building your sustainable business success.)

As a business and sales strategist, it’s my belief that you can’t see yourself through your own eyes so we put fresh eyes on your venture and offer outside perspective – backed by decades of sales, business and franchise experience.

Our tagline, “sales simplified, clients satisfied, earnings multiplied” sums up our mission to help you do just that with your business:

  • Streamline and optimize your business model so that your clients know what, when and how to buy from you. And you love delivering it!
  • Simplify your sales approach so that you build the know, like, trust and buy factor into every interaction and dramatically improve your conversion rates and multiply your earnings.
  • Steer you through the crucial building blocks of your business so that you bounce – instead of bust – on your entrepreneurial journey.
If that sounds like what you’re looking for, you’re in the right place. I invite you to take a look around by getting to know me and our no-nonsense solutions designed with you in mind.

Learn more about me and the solutions I offer.

This is your world. Shape it or someone else will.              – Gary Lew