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happiness is a choice

We believe happiness is a choice anyone can make. And because we’re big fans of doing biz happier — so you can live happier — we’ve compiled a dozen ideas to create greater happiness in business. [Sadly, a whopping 74% of entrepreneurs admit to being unhappy with their business. Being unhappy at work affects the rest […]



I’m still plugging away on assembling a special idea generator for curing those moments (days, weeks, months…?) to get you out of feeling “UGH” and into happy in your business. Looks like it’ll be ready next Wednesday so keep your eyes out for it. And since I’m taking a lifetime to finish up this article […]


Better Testimonial

Do you effectively share client results with your potential clients? I knooooooooooow you’ve got people who rave about how you’ve helped them. Sure, maybe it’s only one person right now. I bet if you dig a little deeper, you’ve got some grateful clients who would be happy to sing your praises. In this video, I’ll […]


Beginning 2

Although a New Year is symbolic of new beginnings, we can begin anytime we want! I originally posted this on January 1, 2014 and want to share it with you again at the start of our new year. Welcome 2016! Click the player below to see and hear the reading of this thoughtful and encouraging […]



I’ve made more than one stupid-ass business mistake in my 13 years as an entrepreneur. The business mistake I share in this video ranks right up there in my Top 10. All because I didn’t tune into my truth. Watch the video below – and learn from my mistakes. (They’re cheaper that way.) And be […]