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Having played a hand in the launch of over 100 businesses – and guiding thousands more over the years – I’ve seen, heard and done just about everything you can imagine when it comes to entrepreneurs. But there’s ONE THING I don’t often hear from entrepreneurs. And it’s the ONE THING that holds you back. […]


All or Nothing

I still keep her voice message so I never forget feeling like total crap.  A few year ago, a private client (we’ll call her Linda) called in a panic. We’d recently done a sales strategy VIP session but her sales were getting worse – not better. Talk about feeling like a fraud. She paid me […]


Tom Cruise

Sofia came to me in tears. She thought she had things under control. And then her biggest client canceled their contract which created a cash flow crunch. “Now what? How am I going to make ends meet?” she asked. “I’m going to have to get a JOB!” She thought she had things under control. Long before […]



Take the business True or False quiz. This is one of my favorite games because there’s no middle ground. The answers are black and white.                                   Darling, if you answered True to any of these questions and don’t have […]


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For this open Q&A session, we started off talking about the 4Ds of business model design with emphasis on defining who your ideal clients are and what you and your company do for them. Then I fielded your questions about business model design, messaging, marketing and sales strategy. Watch the video below to catch what you […]