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I'm Carolyn Herfurth and I've played a hand in the launch of over 100 businesses - and the growth of thousands more.

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I Am A Business + Sales Coach

I work with motivated women who want to create a life they love. They need clarity about how to make it happen — because they know they’re worthy and capable of earning more.

What would be a game changer for YOU right now?

Get Sales Momentum

Get Sales Momentum

You’re a rising star, but your sales sorta suck and you want to gain momentum. Discover the 10 common mistakes that are killing your sales conversations


Create Sustainability

Create Sustainability

You’re changing lives, but still riding a financial roller coaster. Discover what it takes to earn steady, sustainable income.


Multiply Earnings

Multiply Earnings

You already have the attention of your target audience and want to capitalize on it while you’re hot. Discover how to optimize opportunities.


I’m Sure You’ve Noticed…

We’re inundated with offers for beautiful programs that promise another “step by step blueprint” to build your 6- or 7-figure business.

… how to do webinars, create Facebook ads, sell from the stage, build your Instagram following… The list is endless.

But darling, these tactics often take weeks or months to implement. Only to be disappointed that you didn’t even come close to what you’d hoped to earn.

Maybe you feel like this woman…

Quote My heart is in this 100%. But I’m so overwhelmed because so few of the programs I buy ever seem to work as well as I’d hoped. I’m frustrated that I work so hard – and give up precious family, friend and personal time – with so little to show for my effort and sacrifice.

Here’s The Truth

You don’t need one more step-by-step tactic that isn’t true to you.

What you need is a strategy based on the unique value you bring to our world.

I know, because once I extricated myself from the“everyone knows better than me” trap and started thinking for myself, everything changed. You’d be amazed at how self trust equals more fun, freedom and profit!

Angela I’m blown away by Carolyn’s knowledge on how to create a scalable business model, pricing and how to sell it. What I appreciate most about Carolyn is her ability to listen, quickly calculate what’s really going on – and provide practical solutions that work.


Founder of Savor The Success,

Savor Spa and Om Aroma & Co. Skincare

You Don’t Give Yourself Enough Credit

You must own your value. Then build your business around it.

As long as you fail to do so, you’ll needlessly struggle — because your value intersects with each of the components of a successful business.

Then, cash in on the self trust that fuels you, your business and ultimately, your life.

Lurie Even with a wait list and 100% closing rate, we weren’t making a profit. Carolyn changed the way I look at the value we deliver so we were able to adjust our prices to reflect it. Once I got that perspective – I couldn’t even imagine going back to the old way.


Founder & CEO of eFlirt Expert,

Author of Love @ First Click

All You Need Is A Guide

You deserve a great life.

I would love to be your partner to help you navigate the inevitable obstacles.

Rather than staying stuck in fear and uncertainty, choose an experienced coach who helps you see your potential and realize the possibilities waiting for you.

Deborah I learned all the components to run my business – and use that foundation to run it my way without the pressure to feel like I need to fit a certain mold. I like knowing that my business now rolls on constant income – and constant cash flow – rather than debt.


Founder, Popcorn Productions

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