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Women business owners deserve a break. We work SO hard. Yet I usually find a few mistakes that, when corrected, make doing business easier – and your life richer. These aren’t “the usual” five things you hear me talk about – so I’m excited to hear your comments once you’ve watched below! (btw – this […]


Meryl Streep

Note from Carolyn: One of the things I constantly hear from entrepreneurs is that they want to be viewed as a thought leader. When I work with my clients, I start by asking them what they stand for. This post written by Cari Vollmer , one of my “Mighties”, gives multiple examples of knowing what these […]


Thought Leader_3Steps

If you want to position yourself as a thought leader in order to stand out from the crowd, there are 3 non-negotiable steps to putting yourself on that path. Watch the video below to build your reputation so that it becomes a matter of when, not IF people hire you.



I joined a new training program yesterday. This coach had an interesting business model I haven’t seen before. And even though I have a lot of balls in the air – I knew I’d never enroll if I waited for things to cool down. Because it never does. And we kid ourselves into thinking we’ll […]


Daily Ritual

Your daily ritual has a high impact on the difference between failure and success in your business. Click below to watch me talk about the daily ritual that keeps my business successful, running and moving forward. And there’s more where this came from… It’s not too late for you to tell me what free information you […]